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    It’s a great feeling to turn that dusty, dark old loft into your favourite room in the house. You might have a growing family and need an extra bedroom. It could be a home office, so you have the space and peace to build your business. Or maybe you just want a quiet, calming sanctuary for some quality ‘me time’.

    It’s always a good idea to talk to your roof window installer as early as possible about how much glazing you should factor in to your loft conversion plans. The main consideration is to make the most of your space.

    Top-hung roof windows are ideally suited to loft conversions, where space can be at a premium, as they open outwards to create uninterrupted views and a feeling of extra space. There are many glazing options for the top-hung range but for a loft conversion bedroom we’d recommend 60 pane as it comes with enhanced noise reduction and an easy to clean coating. Installing roof windows also adds natural ventilation, turning a previously damp and dark space into a comfortable and healthy room.

    The number, size and positioning of the roof windows you choose will help you maximise your daylight. We’d recommend that your VELUX roof windows should take up an area equal to 15-20% of the room’s floor space to bring in the right amount of natural light. For instance, a loft with 20m² of floorspace would greatly benefit from four VELUX MK06 windows. By installing large or multiple roof windows not only maximises the amount of daylight to the space but it also adds an additional wow factor to your loft.

    If you already have dormers in your loft, you might be surprised to know that roof windows work well alongside them. Rather than being rivals in your loft, these two very different products are actually partners, complementing each other when used together because they perform very different functions. While dormers bring often much-needed head height to your loft, VELUX roof windows can bring in more natural light. So you can enjoy the feeling of more space and more daylight.

    MyDaylight App by VELUX helps homeowners visualise what a loft conversation could look like with windows, roof windows, skylights and even decorative finishes. The app generates a digital simulation of the final result.

    Website: https://www.velux.co.uk/

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