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    The Walnut House Company was founded with the specific purpose in mind of building English ‘ANTIQUE COPY ‘Furniture & Mirrors of the very finest quality, and to the highest standards of detail accuracy in replication.

    For many years we have specialised in copying Original Period Furniture, to precise detail, colour and patination –  creating pieces that are imbued with so high an innate quality that they can possibly be considered as, ‘Antiques of the Future ‘.

    The ability to achieve such a high standard of replication comes through a combination of factors. Materials of the finest quality, meticulous attention to detail, and not least the skill of our Craftsmen – each of whom have served long apprenticeships and have many years of experience in the restoration of Antiques and in Cabinet-Making.  The exceptional care with which we build each piece and our ability to achieve the colour and patination of Period Furniture results in what might be termed a, “Warts & All “level of finish, whereby something that we have made

    can stand in a room furnished mainly with old furniture – and for it not to be apparent as to which are the ‘Original Antiques ‘and which are the Copies that we have made & that are standing alongside them. This level of quality, finish and expertise will be self-evident in anything that we may make for you.

    In visiting our Web Site at –   www.thewalnuthouse.co.uk  ,  you will see an established range of Over 300 + different pieces, which is further complimented by our ability to copy most any Antique that has ever existed, entirely to your own specification –  and on a Bespoke / Custom-Built, ‘Special Commission ‘basis.

    This having been said & should you be unable to find the specific piece you are looking from amongst what we show, but have seen, “The Very Thing “, pictured in  a  Design Magazine   an   Antiques  Reference Book , or in a Saleroom Catalogue from such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s –  then just send us a clear photograph along with your required specification & measurements, and we will be pleased to issue a quotation to build this for you in due course.

    We predominantly make ‘Antique Copy Furniture ‘which is at the top of its market and which is for the most part used in High End Residential Projects – world-wide.  Additionally, we also make for ‘Blue Chip ‘commercial projects, and have furthermore made furniture for quite a number of the world’s ‘Super-Yachts ‘. etc.

    This apart, we have over the years been asked to make an ever-increasing number of – ‘MODERN   & CONTEMPORARY ‘Pieces, and are perfectly happy and well able to work from any Plans or Working Drawings as provided, in addition to which we have our own in-house ‘Auto Cad ‘system and fully experienced design draughtsman.

    We hope that the forgoing along with what you can see on site at –  www.thewalnuthouse.co.uk  , will give you with a pretty clear over-view as to our capabilities as well as the quality of product and service that we can provide, but needless to say if  anything hasn’t been adequately enough covered here , and you want to know more about what we do and what’s open to you, then please contact us  via   –   sg@thewalnuthouse.co.uk, and we will be pleased to help in any way that we can.



    WEB: www.thewalnuthouse.co.uk

    E.MAIL: sg@thewalnuthouse.co.uk

    TELEPHONE: 01962 732 803  ( National ) & +  44   ( 0 )  1962 732 803


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