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  • The new product update brochure from the UK’s leading handles manufacturer Armac Martin is available now.

    Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside.

    To order or download a full copy visit http://www.martin.co.uk/product-update-2014

    ROTUNDA: The Rotunda is an iconic, cylindrical high-rise building in Birmingham, England. The Grade II listed building is 266ft tall, has 25 stories, and was completed in 1965.

    It was lovingly restored beyond its original glory in 2008.

    It holds a special place in the hearts of all ‘Brummies’ and is seen as a symbol for the city.

    GLACIER: A glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that forms only on land and is constantly moving under its own weight.

    An alpine glacier that fills a valley is sometimes called a valley glacier.

    We envisaged what a valley glacier would look like if it were removed and free standing.

    That image was the inspiration for this fabulously evocative handle design.

    QUADRILLE: The word quadrille is derived from the Italian word quadriglia, meaning ‘small square’.

    The term quadrille came to exist in the 17th century, within military parades, in which four horsemen performed special square-shaped formations.

    This performance became very popular, which led people to perform their own quadrille and by the 18th Century it had become a lively dance with four couples, arranged in a square.

    BROMFORD: Bromford was a bridge that crossed the river Tame, linking several Birmingham suburbs to the City Centre.

    Today it is still an essential commuter route into the heart of Birmingham.

    It is a fast, direct, no-nonsense journey. It takes no unnecessary turns, swells, rises or dips.

    And it is that straight line simplicity that we have built into our design for this new range of kitchen and furniture handles.

    THOR: ‘Machine made and hand hammered’

    We have taken our popular Apollo knobs and subjected them to a hefty beating to achieve a fabulous look that we think will really appeal to the latest trend in ‘industrial’ styles for the home and, in particular, the kitchen.

    ‘Thorring’ is only available on a very select number of our products.

    For more information call us 0121 359 2111 or email at sales@armacmartin.co.uk


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