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    Bisca designs and manufactures bespoke staircases, balustrades and other architectural features. A Bisca staircase starts with a blank page and a client’s brief. From concept design to installation, through a rigorous design process where no attention to detail is spared, a completely bespoke and unique staircase is created to integrate perfectly with the property it is designed for. All materials and components are individually sourced by project and all commissions are made by in Bisca’s Yorkshire workshop by its multi-skilled team of craftspeople.

    As well as the functional aspect of travelling between floors, a staircase can be a thing of beauty and an outstanding feature in your home.  A bespoke staircase can transform the space, creating an instant and lasting impression.

    Why you need a staircase specialist

    Commissioning a staircase is not something anyone is likely to do on a regular basis and deciding on the layout, style and materials can be a daunting task. To make the most of planning and advice it is a good idea to get a staircase specialist on board at the beginning of the build or refurbishment.  Advising on all aspects from design to installation, Bisca provides a concept design process document for every project, providing layout schematics, sketched visuals, and samples of materials.


    Who does Bisca work with

    Bisca works with architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners, creating staircases and bespoke architectural features for private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and public buildings. By combining skilful design with exceptional craftmanship, Bisca transforms staircases into architectural masterpieces. Depending on the aspirations of each individual project, we always seek to achieve the highest possible standards. 

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    It is never too early to talk to us about your staircase design. There are several parameters that cross boundaries in any project, predominantly materials, space, time, and budget. We are fully aware of the shifting nature of a project. Bisca will survey your building and consider structural changes whilst also working closely with specialist third parties, such as interior designers, architects, structural engineers, and contractors.

    Staircase design, manufacture and installation

    Creating a bespoke staircase starts by listening. At Bisca, we understand a client’s staircase is ultimately an expression of their style. From first contact to the final installation of your new staircase, the Bisca project team will take complete responsibility for designing and crafting the staircase of your dreams.

    Staircase planning at Bisca involves a meticulous project process which sees each staircase commission being built three times – first in the design process, secondly the design is built in its entirety in Bisca’s own workshop. Once the team of craftspeople are fully happy with every element and every detail of the design, it is dismantled and transported to its intended home, where it is installed, built for the third time.


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    Selecting materials

    Any materials, as long as they are suitable for staircases, can be specified, it is important to consider that 60% of a successful design is about the staircase itself, and 40 % how it integrates with the rest of the property. As well as the look of the materials it is important to consider the role they play in the design e.g., timber treads have different support requirements to stone treads, while glass balustrades and forged uprights can perform different structural functions. With so many options it is a great help to have a team of designers and engineers to ask advice. At Bisca, three primary factors influence how we select materials – quality, sustainability, and aesthetics.


    3 main criteria to consider when planning a staircase

    Space – How much space do you have and where is the staircase to be situated.  The staircase needs to be designed to best serve the flow of traffic.  Your space may be suited to a helical, cantilevered, or straight flight; a specialist designer will give you different options and explain benefits of each.

    Aesthetics – Once the layout has been defined, it is time to start thinking about the style and materials Unlike a kitchens and bathrooms which are replaced as fashions change a staircase is part of the architectural fabric of the house.  Classic, timeless designs never go out of fashion.

    Budget –The budget will influence materials and styles to a certain extent and Bisca will guide you through the options. For example, a straight flight is cheaper than a curved staircase, and a helical with all treads the same size will be more cost effective than an elliptical helical where every tread is of a different shape.


    “The staircase is stunning, and very organic. I am delighted – the team on site this week has been so helpful and enthusiastic, a pleasure to work with. A big thanks go to the designer and every member of the team.  All I need to do now is find another client who needs a Bisca staircase, I sincerely hope I can incorporate the “Bisca magic” in another of my jobs!”

    Gill Spencer-Brown, Interior Designer


    Tel 01439 772801


    Bisca House, Sawmill Lane, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, YO62 5DQ

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