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  • The wallbed that delivers instant space – just add creativity and a mattress

    Wall beds have never been easier to order, build and install. With growing households reviewing their need for space, and home office becoming the norm for many, wall beds bring flexibility and can effectively and safely transform and repurpose our valuable living and working spaces.
    Our NeXT bed is an instant wall bed solution – used with or without cabinet – fixing conveniently to the base of a wall thus providing interior designers and consumers with a range of options for cabinets and cabinet doors including wooden panels, natural materials or textiles.

    Our NeXT bed and range of other wall beds are safe, instantly installable and currently in stock worldwide. With a tiny footprint and fingertip control, the NeXT bed uses a safe spring support system – just add your creativity, design along your favourite mattress to achieve the space, room, and aesthetic you want.

    For enquiries, free advice, ideas and designs, contact:

    Wallbed Systems Ltd.
    +44 (0) 208 704 5796 / (0) 7780 1661958

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