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  • The Auction House

    Kelly Hoppen MBE’s 9,000 square feet home in London is an homage to her talent as one of the most celebrated interior designers of our time. Having taken one year and 3 months to complete, this ancient auction house boasts six bedrooms and bathrooms, walk- in wardrobes, a study, a gym, underground parking, a laundry and flower room and a large open-plan high ceiling living/dining/kitchen space, along with a breakfast area.

    Kelly Hoppen designed her new home in her signature style, using her neutral colour palette of taupe, whites, beiges and greys, complimented by beautiful pops of green, bronze, nickel and rose gold. The designer’s love for texture is obvious, enriching and adding a new dimension to the space.

    As you enter into each room of the stunning property, you are captivated by its elegance, softness, extraordinary art collection and fantastic views. Each area is as inviting and intriguing as the next, imbued with luxury whilst remaining true to Kelly’s laid back lifestyle.

    Iconic and vintage furniture can be seen throughout as well as bespoke pieces designed by Kelly Hoppen herself. In fact, the ambitious project is a true picture of the British designer’s famously sought after style. Kelly’s design philosophy has always been to create timeless and understated elegance whilst fusing the eastern principles of simplicity and the western taste for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes.

    Situated in a residential area in London, the property was a dream of Kelly’s, which finally became a reality. The ancient auction house was a blank canvas for the designer whose starting points were the impressive columns that are the core of the structure, linking the vast panels and staircase in the main space. Kelly Hoppen elegantly plays with texture and material, mixing different shades of wood and metals, something which is very characteristic of her world renowned style and the basis of the entire project.

    The bespoke light in my entrance hall is the result of a discussion with Herve Langlais and Galerie Negropontes at PAD London. It is a great addition to the entrance and draws beautiful vertical lines that emphasize the height of the ceiling. The soft curves of the metal around the delicate round paper shades are to me, the perfect balance.

    The area is tastefully accessorised and decorated with flowers and black and white photographs. Kelly found the round mirror at Les Puces flea market in Paris. It was originally found in a train station in Eastern Europe, on the side of the railway. A striking image of Marilyn Monroe from the Michael Hoppen Gallery hangs in the entrance hall as well as an imposing photo of Mohamed Ali. These are part of Kelly’s art collection that she has been gathering over the years. It is very special to her. I used up-lighting for the sleek stairs that lead you to the main open- plan living area, adding to the elegance of the space.

    The long marble ledge that starts from the entrance steps, runs against the wall all the way to the study located on the other side of the living area. This creates a continuity within the space and is a stunning architectural feature. Kelly also use this to display pieces she has collected during my travels, Kelly’s home jewellery and her artwork, which is easily interchangeable depending on my mood and the season.

    Kelly has seductively designed the living room with stunning wooden floors. These shade of the floorboards took 6 months to perfect, finally obtaining the perfect tone. The main idea behind the design of this space was the designer’s love of hosting.

    Wooden arches were added to the impressive pre-existing columns, lighting up and adding monumentality to the space. The pendant lights above the seating area and dining table were lowered to balance out the space. Indeed, balance was extremely important to bear in mind when designing this area of The Auction House due to its vastness and open-plan nature.

    The bespoke lighting has the capability to dramatically and softly light up the room, suiting all moods and ambiances. The stunning bubble lights above the seating area are designed by Kelly and stand in stark contrast to the straight lines of the lights above the dining table, yet they do not clash. The glass bubbles are almost floating and add to the balance of the main space.

    The golden disk floor lamp is a sculpture called the Ribot lamp by DeCastelli. Kelly designed the sofas and armchairs of the living room and some of the pieces are from her own range. The Le Corbusier armchair upholstered in linen is just the right mix of natural materials and modernist design.


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