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    Touched Interiors are the market leaders of the world’s most luxurious furnishings & interior design. Their vision from the outset was to achieve design excellence by retailing a selection of the finest luxury interior furnishings. Uniquely, Touched Interiors allows clients to customise and commission their own dream designs; the full range of made-to-order items can be tailor made to any desired size, finish or upholstery.
    Over the years Touched Interiors has won numerous prestigious accolades including, “Interior Designers of the Year” at the Build Awards for the past two consecutive years and “Luxury Furniture Supplier of the Year” to name a few.
    The Touched Interiors brand appeals to the higher-end of the market, with clients eager to experience the unrivalled level of elegance applied to the retail experience. Due to the variety of services offered, the business has various target markets aside from retail. The Personal Procurement and Bespoke Furniture Commissioning services attract a variety of clientele, from those who would prefer for sourcing to be executed professionally and privately, to those that are eager to enjoy the latest designer trends before anybody else.
    From the knowledgeable interior design experts who comprise the interior services division, to the skilled craftsmen who produce furnishings in the production houses across Europe; Touched Interiors works on the aim of delivering a service which provides a 200% level of customer satisfaction.
    Only the most luxurious, hand-picked materials are used when producing items, either that be measuring the crystal clarity within chandeliers or to using a preferred wooden finish on the frame of their artwork. From the outset, Touched Interiors knew their team would not be made up of commission led retail sales advisors. Founder, Kunal Trehan envisaged a 7-star team that would be made up of expert textile and interior designers so that clients could sit back and relax, knowing that the business’s experience would canvas all those things that they may not have thought of.
    Touched Interiors is where the world’s most luxurious furniture & interior design is born. The company was founded in 2009 by design director Kunal Trehan who often found that a lack of the right products available in the market would hinder his vision and ability to bring his concepts to life. It was because of this that Kunal wanted to create a design service and brand where “everything was possible through customisation”, be it with large furniture items, lighting and soft furnishings or carpets, rugs and wall-coverings.

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    Telephone: 0845 463 0083

    Fax: 0844 272 4153

    Address: Touched Interiors® Ltd. 26 Blackfriars Street. Manchester. Lancashire. M3 5JS. United Kingdom



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