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    Every single action holds immense power, every single choice can change the world. This is the vision and the mission of Panguaneta, an Italian company based in the Po Valley, renowned for producing top-tier poplar plywood and pioneering environmentally friendly solutions. Panguaneta firmly believes in the importance of building solid strategic partnerships, asserting that only by sharing values, expertise, and diverse fields of excellence dreams can be transformed into tangible projects.

    Panguaneta is therefore immensely proud to present ‘Stellina’, a marvel of innovation conceived by Carina Riezebos, Chief Creative Officer of Blok Plaatmateriaal, and presented under the Blok by Carina label. The Italian name ‘Stellina’, which translates to ‘little star’ in English, perfectly captures the essence of this captivating daybed, evoking a dreamlike ambiance that invites you into a world of possibilities. Its elegant design, graceful lines, carefully selected materials immediately spark the imagination. These elements weave scenarios, reveal unexpected meanings, and unveil new worlds—much like the landscapes of our dreams.

    ‘Stellina’ illuminates its surroundings, thanks to the exquisite natural light hue and the gentle texture of poplar plywood. This material effortlessly brings the designer’s vision to life, thanks to its ease of manipulation and remarkable adaptability. The daybed boasts an elegant, puzzle-like structure—both solidly comfortable and straightforward to assemble, enhancing the relaxation experience and elevating any living space.

    The ‘Stellina’ daybed embodies a pioneering essence, defined by the choice of PureGlue™ poplar plywood by Panguaneta. The ecological soul of PureGlue™ plywood is born in Panguaneta’s Italian poplar plantations, where the company adheres to sustainable harvesting practices—from planting to cutting and wood processing—culminating in a 100% traceable supply chain (FSC® and PEFC certified). Italian poplar stands out on the global stage, and Panguaneta’s expertise magnifies its qualities, resulting in plywood with an enchanting light-colored surface, exceptional uniformity, and a barely discernible grain. Thanks to a revolutionary soy-based adhesive system, PureGlue™ meets stringent, globally recognized standards for low emission rates, aligning with the California Air Resources Board’s No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) regulation. This addresses international regulations aimed at curbing formaldehyde emissions from interior wood products, ultimately contributing to improve indoor air quality. PureGlue™ poplar plywood has also earned the Blue Angel certification, signifying its exceptional environmental friendliness. Panguaneta has further released a dedicated Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) providing utmost transparency for end consumers.  ‘Stellina’ represents therefore not only Italian craftsmanship excellence, but also a conscientious choice towards the environment and the people.

    Above all, this elegant daybed is the result of a harmonious, meticulous, and mutually enriching collaboration between Panguaneta and Blok Plaatmateriaal—a Dutch frontrunner in the distribution of the most cutting-edge products dedicated to construction, furniture, and design. This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

    ‘Stellina’ made its debut at the EDIT Napoli 2023 event in Naples and can be tailored and personalized to ‘light up’ with its radiant presence any type of living space.

    Panguaneta Spa – Contact Details


    ADDRESS: Via G. Solazzi 19, 46018, Sabbioneta (MN) – Italy

    PHONE: +39 0375 223411

    E-MAIL: sales@panguaneta.com

    WEB: www.panguaneta.com

    Linkedin: Panguaneta Plywood

    Instagram: panguaneta_plywood

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