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  • HobbART

    HobbART presents a unique approach to modern interiors, blending the dramatic flair of theatre set design with the refined techniques of acrylic landscape and pop art. Founded by Hobbo, a seasoned artist with a flair for capturing the iconic in a splash of vibrant colours, HobbART’s collection is a celebration of visual storytelling.

    Each piece in the HobbART gallery is a testament to Hobbo’s diverse background and his ability to harmonize pop culture with the nuances of natural beauty. These artworks serve as focal points that introduce character and discussion into any space, be it a cozy home setting or a sleek commercial environment.

    For interior designers on the lookout for something that stands apart, HobbART offers limited edition prints that preserve the integrity of each original work. These carefully curated pieces not only enhance the visual appeal of a space but also hold the promise of becoming future collector’s items. HobbART invites you to explore its portfolio—where each painting is an invitation to experience art in a new and exciting way.

    Website: www.hobbart.co.uk

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