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  • Xilo

    Xilo is the result of cooperation between professional lighting brand LABRA, and Maciej Karpiak – artist, designer and enthusiast of the latest technologies and pro-environmental solutions.

    The uniqueness of each luminaire comes from combining classic blown glass production, with a modern approach to light that can be controlled within a home using “smart systems” or regular lighting controls.

    Taking careful consideration of the environment was of upmost importance, and Xilo is 98% recyclable or up-cyclable, from the lamp through to the packaging.

    The uniqueness of Xilo is determined only by the limits of our own capabilities. Only true artisan glassblowers with incredible lung capacities are able to work with a glass mass of several kilograms and heated to 1700°C.

    Make it your own – choose the size, the colour of the glass and metal finish, the mounting method and dimming type, to create your own unique composition.

    Depending on surroundings, Xilo takes on a different character, and by adjusting the light intensity will adapt to your mood.

    Dim To Warm technology changes the colour temperature of the light down to a candle level (1800K) a very warm white, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of intimacy.

    Available in crystal coloured glass or opal matt triplex glass, which has a snow-white effect which is satiny to the touch, Xilo is the essence of Light Thinking – understanding light as an essential ingredient for a better life.

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