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  • Matse – Space For Modern Living

    One space, two quality room options.

    A settee that converts to a standard bed. Safe and easy to use for all ages and abilities Settee to bed in less than one minute. No complicated and dangerous spring mechanisms Bedding easily stored beneath settee in storage hammock. Multiple applications Bespoke upholstery with wide range of fabrics made to order, with fabric provided by you if required.

    At last we have created a comfortable sofa bed suitable for everyday use. The Matse stands alone as a full spec bed, which converts, to a comfortable sofa.

    Your guests may only visit occasionally, but why subject them, or yourself, to an uncomfortable night? Do you not value your friends or your own back?

    The Matse is a high quality alternative to the uncomfortable sofa bed. The bed converts easily without the need for dangerous, awkward and unreliable folding mechanisms. This means there is no need to fold the mattress and therefore the mattress quality is not compromised. The unique bed also uses a standard bed frame and mattress whilst still allowing you to save on space without having to compromise on a high level of comfort in areas where requirements for space and comfort often compete.

    Matse utilises the often overlooked and wasted eaves space by inserting a sealed and insulated box with side runners on which the bed head rollers sit. When no longer required as a bed the head end slides into the box leaving the foot end to create the seat of the settee.

    Although the beds are perfect for attic rooms and loft conversions, alternative options are available. The Matse can easily be installed in the base of wardrobes, under stairs or anywhere you may have unused space. The space required need not exceed 1.1 meters deep with a nished height of 700mm from oor level.

    The fully sealed box can be insulated against either cold or sound depending on location and type of insulation used.

    The Matse installation is well within the capability of a competent DIY enthusiast and can be carried out retrospectively as well as whilst installing a loft conversion or new build construction. The standard stock size for Matse is 4’6” and other bed widths can be supplied subject to order. The Matse will arrive in a at pack format with components su ciently small to make it easy to carry up tight staircases should the need arise.

    The Matse is available in a range of upholstery options and sofa styles, we are happy to work with you to create a bespoke solution for both commercial and domestic use. Bedding is stored in a hammock under the bed saving on both storage space and time.

    This is more than a sofa bed, this is a Matse; a name for the future.


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