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    Picture Hanging Systems Ltd design, manufacture, supply and install all kinds of systems for hanging pictures. We have been constantly evolving for over 20 years and our range of products continues to grow. We began life on the fringes of the picture framing trade as System Marketing Ltd in 1982.

    In 2003, we changed the name of the Company to Picture Hanging Systems Ltd. We didn’t do this purely to confuse people but because it better describes our main area of activity. System Marketing Ltd. still exists but does different things.

    The business started because Robin Burt who was running it at the time, discovered that Maison Boyer were looking for a UK distributor for their products which at that time they were still making in a workshop just off Place Pigalle in the centre of Paris.

    This is about the things we make and sell

    [You might not be interested in all this, but you don’t have to read it]

    Anyway, it seemed that Boyer had been making this picture hanging equipment, virtually unchanged, since 1879. We have copies of some wonderful catalogue pages from the early Edwardian era with illustrations like a conjurer’s manual showing how it all worked. They still use the same product code, C521, for their 25kg hooks as they were using in 1909 maybe earlier for all we know.
    Although they had installed their system to most of the high profile museums and galleries in France, they had not been very adventurous in their export efforts.

    We introduced the basic system, omitting some of the more eccentric appliances, to the UK market and found that Curators and Managers of museums and galleries here were as delighted to use it as we were to sell it. Their lives suddenly became much easier. Instead of having to screw individual paintings to the wall, they could now display them on a temporary basis in a professional manner. They also had to buy a lot less Polyfilla and paint. We have now evolved our own Beta system which takes in all the strengths of the Boyer system. For a full explanation see the hanging systems page.

    We then turned our creative talents to another project. Don’t ask why it is called The Avanti System, it just is. In the way that there is a clearly defined market for the Boyer system, there was a demand for something more versatile and ‘designerish’ for use in both domestic and commercial interiors. Slick, stainless steel cables and recessed wall channel were the starting point. The system also works on the ceiling and on the top edge of panels. You will have to look on the product pages if you want the details.

    So as to have a range to satisfy most demands, we introduced The Locator System. This, because it is very discreet, is very popular for use in homes and offices. Most recently, we have introduced variations to the Locator range, the traditional Brass range, which includes brass poles, chains and all the sort of things you would expect to find in country houses, country house hotels, public buildings and some exhibition areas where our other systems would not be aesthetically appropriate. The Victorian range is based on the classic wooden picture rails found in many homes of that period

    So, what else?

    People who set up exhibitions of paintings and artwork, having used up all the wall space, would often like to be able to use the areas between the walls – if only they had some temporary display panels.

    By now, you will have guessed; we have designed a very simple and easily manageable system, called Artshow Panels, consisting of 2m long panels which are supported by leg at each end. The panels are lightweight and they and the legs take up the minimum amount of storage space when not in use.
    Look at the main webpage to see how they have built-in picture hanging rails and how you can use them. These are specifically designed to display artwork. They are nothing like the fold-up things you see at trade exhibitions.

    The Locator Hanging & Lighting System is a wall mounted rail which hangs and lights your pictures. It feeds low voltage lights which can either be used for general illumination or to highlight individual pictures, which can be hung using Locator cobra hangers, from the same rail. Ideal for adding to a finished room without the need for re-wiring.
    Picture lights can be attached to the back of the picture or to the wall can be ordered from Boyer in Paris to meet your exact requirements.

    That’s what we do, this is how we do it

    We love to be able to answer all your questions either by email or telephone to help you get the right system. We pride ourselves on being able to get many jobs out on the day you place your order. In fact 72%* of orders are dispatched on the same day for next day delivery, 94%* by the end of the next day.

    Based in Tunbridge Wells, but operating all over the country, we work from our office, showroom, and workshop, all in one place. You are welcome to visit us but please let us know in advance if you are coming.
    If you would like any advice or information we have not included on this site, please contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or you could even write to us.

    *Figures taken from a 3 month period in 2009 (Excluding orders for picture lights which are ordered from Paris per order).

    – See more at: www.picturehangingsystems.co.uk


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