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  • The Dormy House

    In the heart of Hampshire, this family run business makes beautiful, bespoke British furniture with an enduring style. Creating tranquil environments to escape the stresses of the day. The Dormy House has been turning houses into homes for over 40 years.

    We make and manufacture everything in our spacious workshop, nestled in the English county of Hampshire. This enables us to create something rather special and unique for our customers. Each piece is made to measure and crafted to the exact size and specification that our clients desire, including enchanting finishing touches. It’s quite exciting to take something traditional and turn it into something wow.

    Our philosophy is still very much the same and we love what we do – designing and producing timeless, bespoke British furniture. The Dormy House is not about trends; it’s enduring style. Furniture that is going to stay with you and you’ll love forever.

    We’ve mastered the art of home by learning to perfect the balance of beauty and utility. Everything has its own place at The Dormy House and we’ve unlocked the secret to everlasting style – this secret is you. Our pieces are customisable to every last detail, from the paints and fabrics to storage configurations – we invite you to become the designer.

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    The Dormy House

    27 Walworth Business Park
    SP10 5LH

    01264 365 808



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