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  • ‘Satellite’ – Powdertech’s unique lustrous finish with an iridescent gleam

    A brand-new beautiful collection of powder coated finishes has arrived on the scene. Called ‘Satellite’, these are unique finishes developed by the innovative powder coating company, Powdertech Corby Ltd. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, the finish attracted a lot of attention at the recent Surface Design Show 2023

    Powdertech Satellite ‘Callisto’ on Amron profiled mesh

    At the show Satellite was featured both on the Powdertech stand and more extensively on profiled sheet products displayed by Amron, a leading player in metal mesh for architecture and interior design.  It was following a casual conversation between Powdertech and Amron that the idea for Satellite arose. Frustrations with anodic coatings within the industry became clear, suggesting a need for a coating offering a similar depth of colour and layered iridescent effect to anodising, but with the benefits of powder coating.  That set the Powdertech design team thinking and the result was the Satellite range.

    Satellite finishes have a distinctive iridescent gleam with layered metallic and pearlescent effects and a depth of colour unrivalled in a one-coat application. As Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech, explains, “The name ‘Satellite’ came once we saw the initial samples. The mid-sheen finish with vibrant flashes of light set in a rich colour is so intense that it looked like a million satellites in the sky, the range name was obvious once we saw it. The individual names are taken from the hundreds of man-made satellites that orbit the Earth, so we have plenty of options as the range expands.”

    Powdertech Satellite various on Amron profiled mesh

    The Satellite Collection currently includes Callisto, Fengyun, Secor, Ariane, Porcupine and Scatha. These are bronze and gold finishes which have a unique depth of finish, mesmerism and reaction to sunlight. The range is made exclusively for Powdertech to the company’s visual and technical requirements and conforms to BS EN 12206-1 standards and Qualicoat specifications.

    As well as being a powder coater, Powdertech develops its own unique product collections with shades, effects and textures that stay ahead of the curve. These include wood effects, stone, rust and terracotta finishes, ‘Zest’ a range of mouth-watering energetic shades bringing added pizzazz to any project, and Freeform a range that is unique to you, in that it is actually designed by each individual customer. If you have a design or text or even an image in mind, then Freeform can bring it to life.

    Powdertech Satellite ‘Porcupine’

    If you would like to discuss Powdertech’s finishes then please email pcl@powdertech.co.uk

    All Collections can be viewed on the website and free swatches can be ordered https://www.powdertechcorby.co.uk/finishes-collections/satellite

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