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  • Brys Buzz launches to the UK Market with Exclusive Event at Tower Bridge Walkways, 12th May 2014

    Rahul and Navneet Gaur of Brys Group hosted an exclusive event last night to launch his latest skyscraper Brys Buzz – set to become India’s new landmark – to the UK market. A selected group of property investors, invited VIP guests and media were treated to a night to remember. The event took place inside the walkways of the iconic Tower Bridge in London, giving guests unique and stunning views across the capital. This was a statement venue; a party in one landmark to launch another.

    The Brys Buzz development, which towers 300 metres over the trendy district of Noida, has been designed to push the boundaries of eco-luxe dwelling. Each of the 291 apartments has the option of plunge pools and decked garden space, interiors designed by Casa Tonino Lamborghini, all functions (from the lights to the curtains) controlled via a specially created app and sustainable wooden flooring. Residents of the Brys Buzz building also benefit from fine dining, spas and gyms, shopping and bars, which have been inspired by 5 star hotels such as The Armani and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    “During my interaction with a number of Indians in the UK market I came to know that at a time when Indians have emerged as the largest buyer group of property over here, they are more interested to invest in the market back home. Many of them categorically said that the Indian market is full of projects in the name of luxury that does not match their expectations of living a luxe life. Interestingly, even some of the British nationals shared the same views that India is the right market to invest in property with its ROI that is the best in the world. So, while conceptualising the Brys Buzz as an iconic super luxury project of India our endeavour has been to create a destination address that could give a real ‘wow’ feel to those who want to experience the best of the world living in India. And now that the project has been launched I felt this is the time to come to the UK market to share this and invite people to come to India and experience a new lifestyle living option.”

    (Rahul Gaur, CEO, Brys Group)

    The London Launch event was co-hosted by Claremont Property Group, the sole agents representing the Brys Buzz sales and investment opportunities in the UK.

    Perm Saini (Director) of Claremont Property Group said of the event “, at Claremont we are property investors ourselves and as such we know what makes an opportunity unique and what appeals to our market. We are proud to be working on such an iconic building and felt the launch last night was the perfect introduction to the UK.”

    Guests enjoyed Indian fusion cuisine canapés and bowl food, sitar & tabla music and traditional ‘light’ dancers, plus bespoke cocktails created by Seasoned Events.

    Guests were given striking red leather wallets created by Casa Tonino Lamborghini and unique Brys Buzz key cards as they left.

    There has already been a huge amount of interest in the property following the event from both potential buyers and the media. The motto for Brys Buzz is “Leave the Ordinary Behind” and is clear to see that is exactly what Brys Group intend to do; bringing not just new levels of luxury to the region but presenting the development to investors at the high level that befits them.

    Another regional UK launch event will be announced soon.


    Find out more about Brys Buzz at www.brysbuzzuk.com

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