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  • Choose a Sun Tunnel with a roof dome made from quality Bohemia crystal glass.

    If you have a crystal glass dome on your roof, you have the guarantee of decades of durability and no discolouring of the dome. Compared to domes manufactured from plastic materials, a glass dome is self washable and no air pollution will stick to the surface of the glass.

    Furthermore, there is no change in the glass material’s structure and it‘s unaffected by dust abrasion in the atmosphere in windy conditions.

    Over just a few months one can really see significant changes with a typical plastic dome, whereby a barrier is created that hinders translucency – i.e. good transmission of daylight. And, given that we are fighting for every small inch of daylight it really helps to have a dome that has high translucency.

    A glass dome can also be washed with detergents after twenty years of use and there will be no damage after washing. But here one needs to ask some basic questions. For  example:  Why are windows not made from plastic?; Why are they made from glass?; and, Have you seen plastic materials used with such domes 2-3 years after being installed and how did it appear?

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