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  • GANT lights

    The unique lights from GANT lights embody timeless design with architectural influence. Under the direction of designer and architect Stefan Gant, lights are made from concrete, wood and precious metals that create fascinating contrasts and unique material combinations.

    GANT lights produces its products almost exclusively in Berlin, so short transport routes protect the environment and at the same time promote the regional economy.
    Every single GANT lights product is manufactured in close collaboration with local craft businesses and manufacturers, ensuring high quality and attention to detail. The innovative C series allows customers to customize their lights even years after purchase, making them long-lasting and timeless design objects.

    The transparency that GANT lights offers is also unique – customers can follow every production step on the website and get to know the dedicated producers. Through these values, GANT lights not only embodies excellent design, but also responsibility for the environment and society.

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