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  • Project Palma

    Returning clients had fallen in love with the island of Majorca – a personal favourite of mine…

    Our brief was to give them a classical beach house look with a contemporary twist, with inspiration from the film “something got to give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicolson, another all-time favourite!

    So with a timeline of 6 months we set about the designs, the kitchen was built in our AH style, smooth clean lines, with enough detail to make it interesting soulful in pale greys and on trend blues, it sat perfectly in the almost ecclesiastic building, as both floors had been removed and only one mezzanine level remained. 

    With such gorgeous proportions, it lent itself to cascading lighting, so I immediately thought of Bocci and commissioned them to make a bespoke piece to fit the almost 12m height, with around 20 ceramic cones they set the scene and gave me the inspiration to bring the design to heel.  Porta Romana was used throughout the villa, as the clients have particularly discerning taste and I was especially delighted to include the artwork by Gill Wilson.  Having seen the Moroccan design, I commissioned the rug to be made to size with the classic design in pale grey and cream, it served to change the acoustics and gave the space a more luxurious feel, without losing any of the practicality of a stone floor

    Having sourced the driftwood lamps to give it an authentic beach feel, it was anchored with a black shade for the study area and then brought to a lighter feel, by using the cream shade in the living space opposite the bespoke dining table, which was built upon a polished chrome Eames style base and washed with a grey patina and inset chrome band, surrounded by bespoke linen chairs

    The master bedroom, was painted with stone linen and soft whites, with hand embodied handmade curtains, once again changing the softness, sound and overall feel of the room…

    With guests staying on a regular basis, we were asked to include the casita, which was given a complete remodel, to our delight looked and felt every bit as comfortable as the main house – All in all a home made in heaven, well almost.


    April Hamilton Architectural


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