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  • Fiona Campbell Celebrates Half a Century of Interior Design

     Established back in the Summer of 1967, this year sees Fiona Campbell Design celebrate 50 years in business. Starting up on her own, with £8 left on her overdraft, Fiona Campbell founded a company that, for half a century, has styled and created interiors for the great and good in the UK and abroad.

    “Thinking back to the beginning in the late 60s as a lone woman, to today with an established company and a successful design team, I could never have dreamt of the excitement at achieving our 50th anniversary” Fiona Campbell, Founding Director

    From their landmark Parsons Green showroom, studio and workroom on the New Kings Road in Fulham, London; the company’s designers and skilled artisans produce exclusive interiors and craft exquisite items for the perfectly finished home, specialising in and most famous for handmade curtains, blinds and pelmets.

    Designing for a highly discerning clientele over the past 50 years, the company’s clients have included glamourous stars of stage and screen, powerful political and business figures and heads of state; alongside many residential and corporate clients, trusting the company to discretely deliver exceptional interiors and inspired design.

    From the clean lines, bright colours and patterned chintzes of the late 60s to pull up curtains and more elaborate use of fabric in the 70s. The 80s came with an abundance of curtains and pelmets in strong patterns, along with roman and roller blinds and pull ups. Swags and tails continued to feature in the 80s and 90s along with an explosion of detail and frill upon frill. Borders featured on curtains and wallpapers along with fabric walling and specialist painted wall finishes.

    Leading into the turn of the century and the noughties, trends for simpler and minimalist interiors developed. During this time, however, the company executed amazingly elaborate designs for grand historic houses in the UK and abroad.

    Simplicity arrived at the beginning of this decade – all beige, cream and grey; fewer curtains and very simple in design, almost no pelmets, many roman and roller blinds and of course shutters galore. Now, later in the decade, the move is away from minimalist simplicity and monotones towards colour and pattern – could this herald a return to maximalism?

    Key to Fiona Campbell Design’s long-term success is an enjoyable creative process; allowing clients to express their own style, while feeling safely guided by experienced, expert designers. Designs are often understated but transcend trend and time; always classic, contemporary and elegant, whether for a grand and traditional historic home or a modern apartment or townhouse.

    “Our clients have always said we make the way easy, fun and enjoyable – particularly for those overwhelmed and daunted by a really large house” Fiona Campbell, Founding Director

    In 2017, Fiona Campbell and her team complete half a century, and with enormous gratitude, celebrate 50 years in service to an extraordinary clientele.

    From Managing Director, Fiona Campbell now moves to the new role of Founding Director. The company is delighted to announce the appointment of Monika Baranska-Furdal to the role of Design Director. Monika begins her leadership of the design team for the next half century; on towards 100 years of inspired design.

    “Fiona Campbell Design is a hidden gem, delighting those who have been fortunate enough to find it. It is a privilege to be a part of this unique company and to lead the design team into an ever-brighter future”     Monika Baranska-Furdal, Design Director

    Phone: 020 7731 3681

    Email: info@fionacampbelldesign.co.uk

    Website: www.fionacampbelldesign.co.uk


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