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    The project was born with the clear intent of transforming an old warehouse into a singular and exclusive space that could double as a home and a showroom for a jeweler in London.
    Given the bespoke and sophisticated nature of the commission, LUV Architecture and Design, lead by Christian Sintes, Architect and Interior designer, have been in charge of the whole process.

    The apartment includes two master suites and a great open loft-like space that could double as a showroom and living room, and that could also be shared with the kitchen and dinning areas.

    Both, lighting and scale are the main features that define the project, exposed wooden beams and steel cast columns are the main contributors of character and inheritance of the past which are nowadays impossible to achieve in contemporary constructions.

    The project intends to respect and maintain the integrity and the industrial past that has defined the character of this grade II-listed century former warehouse originally built for the East India Company for more than 200 years.

    The interior spaces have been mainly decorated respecting the existing materials.

    LUVĀ  created a unique hand-made floor through tinted Austrian oak parquet. The bespoke process took around 6 months to fine tune the intensity of hand brush, tone, grain and cut. The wooden floors appear in contrast with white exposed block walls, and white exposed beamed ceilings.

    All furniture and fabrics have been personalized and made-to-measure for the client. The selected brands and decoration products have been thoughtfully chosen to achieve a sophisticated and exclusive environment, enhancing the lifestyle of the client.

    Italian emperor marbles and walnut wooden veneers have been used for bathrooms and kitchen.

    Gloss wooden lacquers and back lacquered glass finishes have been used to cover the main features, providing subtle reflections and glares that are common in all jewels.

    The design was complemented with a high level of security, audio-video package, home automation systems, heated floors and smart lighting.




    Images Supplied By:- HD-PRO

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