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  • London Design Museum Chooses MEROFORM M6 for Display Walls

    The California: Designing Freedom exhibition at the Design Museum has sought to chart the development and global impact of Californian-based design on the modern world, with the theme of personal liberation and communal freedom that has lay at its heart as far back as the 1960s.

    Exhibition designer, Brian Studak, recognised that the simple lines and spheres of the Meroform M6 System had an obvious connection to the displayed geodesic dome of famous architect and designer, Buckminster Fuller.  It’s slender contemporary look, versatility in form and structure, and attractive glossy white finish proved ideal in providing dividing wall structures and signage support in keeping with the overall theme of the exhibition.




    Manufactured in Germany and sold exclusively by SystemsXL in the UK, this aesthetically pleasing and versatile system is available in polished chrome, satin and bold colours, and is customisable to suit specific design intention. There are many extra components available to extend its capabilities and usefulness, including ring nodes, fabric tensioners, LED panels, stainless steel cables and adjustable feet.





    As well as being used for open space frames, it is very useful in forming structural frames for custom designed cabinets and reception counters.  Several of these are illustrated in the accompanying photos, together with examples of glass tables and pedestals.

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    And if the M6 system is too small for your next project, why not check out its larger and equally stylish siblings: M12 Plus and M12 Midi Systems.

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