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    Leading interior design studio, Trindade & Bird London, believe it is essential to fully understand their customers at the outset of the design process. This involves discovering the unique tastes and preferences of each individual client, and also their lifestyle goals and how they want interact with the space. “We are strong believers that design is as much an expression as it is a tool to enhance lifestyle and environment,” says Head designer, Louise Trindade. “That’s why our team works closely with you throughout the process to produce a lifestyle-driven luxury finish to your home.”

    Homes mean different things to different people. For some it is their sanctuary, for others it is their platform for gathering, entertaining and sharing. Homes can also function as whole-life environments with increasing numbers of people working from home. “We take great care to understand the brief and what our clients want to achieve at the very beginning. We also work closely together throughout the process to bring fresh ideas and smart design solutions to the table,” continued Louise.

    Trindade & Bird London specialise in providing the perfect mix of luxury and creativity to transform any space in the home. They select and work with different materials and textures to create that perfect mix and blend, leaving you with a carefully planned, thoughtfully managed and beautifully finished home. It is their passion for inspirational interior design and its power to enhance people’s lives that drives every project delivered for their clients.

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