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  • Eco Farmer living in an eco-house

    Baufritz has been building sustainable, timber-framed houses in Germany for more than a century. The family firm has had a base near Cambridge in the UK for over a decade and is known for its eco homes of exceptional quality  which combine an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury with an abundance of natural materials.

    Baufritz is committed to building homes that minimise adverse effects on both the environment and the well-being of those who occupy them.  The company supports national and European reforestation programmes and ensures that the environment is protected throughout the building process of each house.  Baufritz does not use chemically treated building materials and makes regular tests to ensure they are not present.

    All houses are prefabricated at its state of the art factory in Southern Germany before being shipped to the UK.

    Office +44 1223 235 632

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