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  • Powdertech Evolution™ – Weathered metal comes home

    Now you can enjoy the beautiful shades, tones and textures of metal patination from our Evolution™ coating system which has been designed with you in mind. Old bronze with its dark chocolate hues, blueing steel, vermillion and amber rust and blue-green copper oxides – these can all come inside and enhance your interior space.

    Evolution ‘Hearth Stones’

    Natural materials appeal to our innate senses. We love to touch and feel wood, stone and metal. Evolution so closely reproduces the beauty of weathered metal that whenever we display swatches and coated panels, people cannot resist rubbing their hands over the surface, convinced that it is corroded copper or rusting steel. They are surprised when no corrosion comes off on their hands. The surface is not affected by abrasion and can be used internally on wall panels, seating, table tops. For interior designers the combination of folded, sculpted or perforated metal panels with Evolution’s unique shades reflecting metal patination suggests new creative paths.

    Evolution ‘Sahara’
    Evolution ‘Aged Copper’

    The coating is not affected by the weather and can be applied externally on all architectural metal work. There is no danger of rain water run-off staining surrounding structures and surfaces. With Evolution you can fully embrace the trend for natural and earthy materials, secure in the knowledge that the underlying metal is fully protected.

    Evolution ‘Peat Fire’ at Team Valley
    Evolution ‘Ruling the Waves’

    This is a highly reliable metal finishing system for aluminium, galvanised steel and mild steel and carries the Powdertech 25-year colour, gloss and adhesion guarantee. When applying this coating we use high performance polyester powders to replicate the shades and textures whilst providing the highest level of protection, colour retention and integrity. Each finish is the combination of art and science revealing its colours as it is applied and is unique to every customer with an authentic variation in appearance. The Evolution process has been tested, rigorously and independently, by PRA World Ltd to European Standard EN ISO 12206 and Qualicoat specifications.


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