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  • ARMANI/CASA 2019-2020 Collection – Nature and the East

    The aesthetic of Armani/Casa was born from a subtle exchange between sensibility and taste, a complex process that can give rise to an unexpected harmony between different cultures. The 2019-2020 Armani/Casa collection transforms parallels and similarities between cultures into furniture and décor.

    The overarching theme is an expression of lightness, delivered through an exploration of subtle thicknesses, from the structures of furniture to the woven textures of textiles, which are inspired by those of the obi (the Japanese sash worn mainly with the kimono). This notion is also expressed on seemingly rigid surfaces such as wood and leather, reshaped to suggest a new, playful identity. Oriental charm makes its return in allusions to Japanese iconography: nature, hot springs, the shape of the tsuba (the Japanese sword guard), the lightness and fluidity of the waves.

    An almost ethereal sensation is conveyed by the reference to these natural elements in motion: the shades of the clouds, Asian landscapes with trees and hills that create infinity-effects, blended colours reminiscent of a sunset or reflections on the water. Captured from nature and coursing waters are the muted shades of pink, apple green and light blue, accompanied by touches of classic colours combined with brighter, more vivid tones such as red, forest green and petrol blue. These hues are emphasised by artisanal craftsmanship and exquisite materials, whether Murano glass or precious embroideries. Noble traditions of working with classic elements and components meld with the use of innovative materials like resin and synthetic woven “textiles” developed for the aerospace industry.

    Textiles: extraordinary everyday pieces

    Dedicated to the culture of slumber and rest, soft and luxurious throw blankets exemplify the taste for perfection. Onsen, which takes its name from Japanese hot springs, is composed of a doubled fabric and acts as a cashmere throw and features a design reminiscent of a poetic story, embellished with embroidered sections.

    In an expression of a type of creative circularity, Oriental iconography – the cultural obsession of Giorgio Armani and frequent inspiration for his style – is found on the Oriente rug, which is used as a canvas to depict a landscape of trees and hills that vanish in the fog, resulting in an infinity-effect; to create shaded gradients and the harmony of nature in motion, pure silk threads are tied together through refined workmanship that allows for greater attention to detail – indispensable for creating a softer, more fluid outcome.

    Onda chaise longue

    It is the clean, basic shape that adds a unique, contemporary touch to this chaise longue, whose unusual curvature evokes the waves of the sea. With a structure upholstered in interwoven leather and with solid wood edges, it is a meaningful synthesis of the themes that characterise the collection: lightness and artisanal craftsmanship expressed through the most sophisticated materials.

    Small forms of luxury: Armani/Casa accessories

    Every object, plate and glass is the depiction of a skilful dexterity that creates absolute delights to have in the home. Part of the collection focuses on the table, with two new dish sets: the first, Ode, is extremely simple and alternates round shapes with the lobed style typically found in the tsuba (also present in other pieces such as the Orengo resin napkin holders and coasters); the second, October, features a more decorative style, with a landscape design applied all the way around the flat plates, reminiscent of the Okinawa fabric.

    Furniture and light: the design of life

    The clean, bold, basic lines of the furniture are highlighted by exquisite finishes, both sophisticated in their pairings and refined in their materials: platinum lacquer, spotted green shell, red drafted stucco, onyx- textured metal, and green, red or blue shagreen-effect leather.

    The two tables each make a unique statement: Owen, lacquered with a red stucco effect, is available in a square or rectangular shape and is paired with Ofelia, the geometric chair; while Oliver, with its geometric legs, features metallised dark green lacquer and light satin-finish brass.

    Oris, in both a large and small version, is the new bed presented in the collection. The large one features an adjustable screen-style bedhead upholstered in the Okinawa fabric. The base, in metallised dark green lacquer, is equipped with two suspended bedside tables. The small model has a fixed bedhead and two non-suspended, dresser-style bedside tables.

    Accessories and Specialty Items

    Ombra, a new screen, is offered in two versions: in the first, the slim structure in light satin-finish brass features revolving mirrored panels and the Nara fabric in light blue and gold; the second, more decorative version is equipped with fixed panels upholstered in the Okinawa fabric. The new Orizzonte console, with its tubular structure in light metal, curved sides and top in golden sea waves lacquer, is also available in a version with a walnut top and a cognac-coloured leather structure.







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