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  • Villa La Rotonde

    Villa La Rotonde is a marvellous example of Art Deco architecture with a unique charm, in Montecarlo, and has regained its ancient glory, thanks to the renovation project by NG – Studio Interior Design, in collaboration with Margraf.

    The complex configuration of the ground floor space required a reinterpretation of the interiors, which are enriched with ornaments in Cosmatesque style and embellished with the marbles of the Vicenza-based company, in the modern version with black and white. The floor in Striato Olimpico, cut following a particular direction of the vein, is embellished with decorative rosettes in Bianco Carrara, Bardiglio and Striato Olimpico.

    In the entrance, in the kitchen and in the internal staircase, Nero Marquinia was used, a black marble with white veins, with a particular, finely inlaid decorative border, designed and cut following the curved configuration of the walls, to mark off the various rooms.

    Margraf Marbles used in the project:

    • Wall and floor tiling in Bianco Venezia approx. 60 sqm
    • Book-match style tiling in Zebrato
    • Flooring in Striato Olimpico approx. 40 sqm
    • Flooring in Nero Marquinia approx. 36 sqm
    • Inlaid flooring: 50 sqm (Bianco Carrara + Bardiglio + Striato Olimpico)
    • Decorative panels in Bianco Venezia approx. 3 sqm
    • Staircase in Nero Marquinia (shaped treads)
    • Quartz resin kitchen countertop with back riser in inlaid quartz resin




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