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  • MARVEL DREAM – Porcelain Tiles and Marble Effect Wall Tiles

    Marble, a natural material associated with the very idea of Italian-ness and an icon of a territorial and cultural identity, is the inspiring reference for the Marvel collection by Atlas Concorde.

    Adopted since ancient Roman times, it has become the star feature of excellence in facades and architectural interiors which have made art history from late Gothic and Renaissance times through to the Twentieth Century, drawing elaborate games of colors and geometric shapes affording superior decorative value. The Marvel collection pays homage to one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials, capable of embellishing its surroundings with elegance and architectural power. 

    Marvel Dream supplements the Marvel range. It stems from the idea of repeatedly renewing the appeal – with a contemporary twist – of a material packed with evergreen charm such as marble, thanks also to an “unconventional” choice of decorative elements.

    Marvel Dream offers products that boast an international and traditional Italian inspiration, emphasizing how the beauty of Italy can be conveyed in areas that go beyond fashion or food, yet which are tied to interior architecture and interior design.

    In addition to the careful pursuit of natural materials as a source of inspiration and the painstaking care for details to provide a faithful reproduction, the Marvel Dream collection is characterized for the offering of innovative products that are also unprecedented in terms of color.

    Blue, green and amaranth, which distinguish UltramarineBrazil Green and Crystal Beauty respectively, were graphically conceived by enlarging and elaborating the structure of rare, precious stones.

    These colors are unprecedented and cannot be found in nature, they were designed to tone down the more classic appearance of marble, in order to create settings with a strong aesthetic impact with the sensitivity and the virtuosity of traditional goldsmithery.

    The possibility of designing with large-sized porcelain tile slabs (120×278 cm), which express all the aesthetic characteristics of prestigious marbles, and with an ultra-slim thickness (6 mm) enable to create functional atmospheric projects, affording ample freedom of color coordinations.

    Based on the classic characteristic patterns of marble, such as inlay and the typical star-shaped decorations of ceiling roses, the rich decorative offering makes it possible to customize each setting depending on personal style and taste.

    The context customization possibilities are further enhanced by the countless possible combinations with all of Marvel’s other collections.

    Marvel Dream is designed for prestigious interiors, both in public settings – such as high-end stores, hotels, workplaces and wellness spaces, as well as private residential use, which prefer decorative solutions capable of distinguishing and providing interior designs with uniqueness.


    RANGE (Sizes and surfaces)

    PORCELAIN TILES – ground , single gage


    Polished Surface

    120X278 cm – 47 1/4”x109 1/2” | 6 mm thickness

    120×240 cm – 47 1/4”x94 1/2”

    120×120 cm – 47 1/4”x47 1/4”

    75×150 cm – 29 1/2”x59”

    75×75 cm – 29 1/2”x29 1/2”

    37.5×75 cm – 14 3/4” x29 1/2”

    60×60 cm – 23 5/8”x23 5/8”


    Matte surface

    75×150 cm – 29 1/2”x59”

    75×75 cm – 29 1/2”x29 1/2”

    37.5×75 cm – 14 3/4” x29 1/2”

    60×60 cm – 23 5/8”x23 5/8”


    Non-Ground Porcelain tiles for kitchen countertops, work surfaces and tables

    162×324 cm – 63 3/4”x127 1/2” 12 mm thickness


    White body WALL TILES

    Glossy Surface

    50×110 cm – 19 5/8”x43 1/4”


    For further details about the range, visit: www.atlasconcorde.com

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