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  • Auto, Water Control Switch & Remote

    The Floodcheck Auto valve is a water leak detection device which offers 24 hour protection against internal flooding by monitoring your water supply.

    The WRAS Approved device is fully automated and easy to install. Available in UK and EU sizes, 15mm and 22mm, the Floodcheck Auto valve is suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

    Functions / Features

    The standard (BASIC VALVE ONLY) Auto has these functions.

    • Freeze Protection: This turns the water OFF if the temperature falls below 3°C.
    • Time Out Protection: This turns the water OFF if water has been running for more than 15 minutes.
    • Excess Flow Protection: This turns the water OFF if it senses that there has been a burst pipe or there is an abnormal flow of water.
    • 24 Hour Non-use Protection: This will turn the water OFF if no water has been used for 24 hours.
    • Reset Button: This resets the system and allows water to flow again.

    These are stand alone, fully integrated independent functions, and require no external wiring or connections

    The Remote Water Control Switch

    The Wireless Remote Switch has a transmit range of 50 meters in clear-site of view or in doors, 20 – 40 metres. It will function between walls and two story houses. It contains its own small 12v battery which should last many years.

    Each unit has its own unique transmitter/receiver code to prevent two nearby transmitter interfering with each other. Any number of hand held remotes can be used in one property if required.

    Apart from the obvious advantage and convenience of being able to control the water from anywhere, the remote also has THREE other very useful features.

    • The bypass feature – Turns the monitoring off for 1 hour
    • The Vacate Mode – Allows you to turn the water OFF for short periods of time. eg when away for a few days or on holiday.
    • The Wet Pad Detectors – Sensors for leaks in vulnerable areas like washing machines and dishwashers (you will need to purchase Wetpads™ separately).

    £330.00 £264.00 Inc. VAT

    Available in UK and EU 15mm & 22mm and USA 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes.

    Visit Website: http://floodcheck.uk/


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