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    Bluesuntree source, design and retail affordable, inspirational, well-crafted furniture, lighting and accessories – everything for the design conscious consumer. Our passion is for exceptional design, whether that’s mid-century inspired or pure contemporary. We believe great design should be both energising and timeless and we pride ourselves on delivering unique products for your home.

    Our story started 10 years ago, when we began selling statement lounge and dining chairs. Today the business has expanded dramatically and we now offer 100’s of our own exclusive furniture designs. Our highly skilled, dedicated team with over 20 years’ experience in sourcing, buying, product design, interior design, and product technology lead the way. Bluesuntree is now known in the UK and Europe for distinctive and unique furniture.

    We work closely with the Steijer design brand, as they share our values. Steijer believe that the home is the foundation of any family or individual’s existence, a place in which we should feel secure, comfortable, organised and equipped. They design, research and develop well-crafted, affordable furnishings to endure passing trends and vigorous family use. These elegant products encourage a healthy, functional and enjoyable lifestyle, helping to build the necessary, secure base on which a wonderful future can blossom. Whether it’s a vibrant social gathering, cosy film night or an afternoon of peaceful reading, your setting should be beautiful, comfortable and organised. Explore our lovingly curated collection and start creating an enticing, individual living environment.

    Our sofa ranges started out with a distinct mid-century flavour, but we now offer stunning contemporary ranges too. With a myriad of fabric and colour options, our carefully chosen pieces present our design conscious customer with a wide-ranging choice for their home. With the majority hand finished in our own workshop, we are immensely proud of the quality and service we offer. With the large amount of choice on offer we have something to suit everyone and any space, whether it be a large slouchy corner piece for watching films, a more formal mid-century piece for the lounge, or a small loveseat for the kitchen, we have something that will fit perfectly and be unique to you.

    For a quick design fix, we are not ashamed to share our love of statement lounge chairs. Although sometimes not on everyone’s essential wish list, adding a well-chosen chair to a living room, bedroom or hallway should not be underestimated in terms of making a style statement. If you have previously overlooked the lounge chair, then take a moment to browse our range and tap into your creative side, plan your new look and brighten up an area with a real wow factor piece.

    When it comes to dining, we understand everyone has different spaces and priorities; and we embrace the challenge that it gives us. Dining areas host a wide range of activities and benefit from being atmospheric, comfortable, durable and adaptable for all occasions. So we aim to offer you an inspirational collection to suit any criteria. Whether you have a bijoux contemporary kitchen diner or large open plan industrial interior, there will be something to suit your room and budget.

    Although a fairly recent addition, our bedroom ranges have gone from strength to strength. Again, we have used our core values to offer unique furniture for your most tranquil of spaces. We believe that bedrooms should be as pure, uncluttered and relaxing as possible. Select from our fine range of luxurious products and create your own personal sanctuary.

    Lighting is also an area that is easy to ignore or even forget, but with due consideration, it can have a strong and dramatic effect on any interior. Rooms may appear brash, gloomy or underwhelming if inadequate attention is given to lighting. Carefully selected and well positioned products will transform your room into a functional, atmospheric and comfortable environment. And with many of our items providing a sculptural statement as well as a more practical element, lighting is now not just a question of luminosity. Select from our useful co-ordinating ranges and distinctive bold pieces.

    Not just for your interior, we also believe your outdoor living space is just as important.  We look to our garden to invigorate and motivate us, for the warm evenings and weekends we look forward to. Our Summer launch of our furniture ranges offer a sleek, elegant and contemporary look at a very affordable price. Whether you want formal or informal outside dining; or just want to create a relaxing spot, we hope to inspire you.

    For more information on any of our products, we’d love to hear from you. If you prefer to shop from your home or office, our extensive website should give you all the information you need. But if you’d prefer to meet us and our products in person, we welcome you to visit our showroom, centrally placed, and only 10 minutes from the M1. We accept all major forms of payment and also now offer an interest-free facility to spread the cost, as we appreciate that a lot of our furniture is an investment. But, by changing and modifying your interior, we hope your home will be a rejuvenating and restful space for all to enjoy.


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