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    For over 20 years, Decolan has been the Swiss supplier of reference for high quality HPL laminates and innovative decorative surfaces. Our Research & Development department is completely committed in selecting the most fashionable decors and designing innovative finishes. Our target is to create more and more new effects at the cutting edge in design. Decolan has always committed in satisfying their Clients’ needs and the markets demands, ensuring a high quality of their products, efficient services and the best technical support needed. Our utmost priority is to understand our clients’ needs. By means of constant communication with them, we are completely aware of the solutions suitable to satisfy each specific request.


    Resulting from constant research and design of new innovative surfaces, Decolan is proud of its Decostone, a real stone veneer. This wonderful Mother Nature’s creation represents a highly innovative and natural product, which is at the same time “at the cutting edge of the design trend”. Decostone sheets originate from real blocks of slate and quartzite with a thickness of about 1.50 mm.

    In fact, our real stone veneer is ultra-thin and therefore very light, weighing just 1.7 Kgs/sq.mt. (these properties favour the use of Decostone rather than traditional stone in several applications). Moreover, because of its support in polyester resin and fibreglass, our real rock sheet is highly flexible (like a laminate), to the extent that it makes it possible to roll it up. Its natural surface, shimmering colours and unique finishes make Decostone an elegant product of extraordinary effect. Decolan proposes a wide range of 16 colours: each sheet boasts a unique peculiar aesthetics for its vein, brightness and design (www.decolan.ch). Our rock veneer is waterproof, fire-retardant and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its versatility, Decostone is suitable for infinite possible applications, thus becoming an unbeatable choice both for commercial and domestic uses: furniture, internal and external walls and coverings, flooring, ship and yacht interiors, exhibitions, picture frames, fountains, flower boxes, gates, panels for flat-screen TV sets, electrical wall sockets… Decolan…design your life.;

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