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  • Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surface Available in 14 Full-Body Colors and 30 Digital Designs

    Neolith, a brand of all-natural, premium sintered compact surfaces for kitchen and bathroom worktops, flooring, interior wall cladding applications and exterior facades, has extended its Collections to include 30 stone, wood and metal decors enhanced with Neolith Digital Design (NDD) printing. Together with 14 full-body colours Neolith provides architects and designers with a comprehensive offering of ontrend designs combined with the inherent strength of sintered compact surfaces: Resistance to scratches, high temperatures, abrassion, frost, chemicals, UV-exposure, impacts…

    Neolith comes in 14 full-body colours, which carry the colour and pattern through the entire thickness of the slab. From bright orange, green and blue, to deep browns and stone-inspired grays, such models are ideal for thin worktops with no stylistic need for mitering. Neolith slabs created with NDD are a great option for creating elaborated details and sleek designs. NDD is Neolith’s innovative digital decoration technology that prints intricate designs onto the Neolith product, allowing for previously unseen design possibilities and new finishes. The design options are endless, ranging from the industrial shine of the Iron collection to the detailed woodgrain design of Timber, and are virtually indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.

    Also used for the Classtone collection, NDD gives Neolith’s signature slabs the aesthetic quality and realistic look of marble with the added strength and dependability of a sintered compact surface. Neolith products are available in Europe through a large network of distributors. To find a distributor or learn more about neolith in www.neolith.com

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