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  • A luxury look without the price tag

    Interior design these days is often a moveable feast. Many people love developing a style for their home or for a room within it – but don’t want to break the bank in doing so because they know the lifespan is probably only going to be a few years. For most people, the days of keeping something for a lifetime are largely gone – unless there’s a special reason why not of course.






    Think back to a decade ago – how many pieces do you still have from then? For most young people, the answer is probably very few things. Yet at the same time, we’re all looking for a look that speaks of quality and maybe even a little luxury – without breaking the bank. We’re also looking for something a little different from the mainstream – something unique, perhaps a little quirky and individual.

    Original designs on a budget

    This was exactly the ethos behind online furniture store Vivendo which was established by three Italian friends who were living in London and were unable to find furnishings – and particularly sofas and armchairs which were affordable yet stylish and outside the mainstream.









    As with many such situations in life, the three Italians who established the store spotted an opportunity to offer furniture-lovers in the UK, and elsewhere, good quality, stylish Italian-made furniture at an affordable price.

    Make it your own

    Online retailers offer a great opportunity to hunt down some real bargains, but if you fancy something a little more hands-on maybe it’s time to get creative? The world of carefully buying and renovating antique furniture offers world of opportunity for the creative person with a keen eye.










    Many people scour the flea markets and second-hand furniture shops and are able to see the potential in a piece via the addition of a little creativity of their own. Restoring and repairing old furniture offer the chance to create something unique – and to put something of yourself into your home design. It’s also a lot of fun and immensely satisfying for those who have the time and inclination to pursue this kind of thing – whilst mixing such pieces in with store-bought stylish pieces can have a wonderful overall effect. Just be careful not to ruin an antique piece that would otherwise have genuine value; if in doubt – ask an antiques expert.

    The devil is in the detail

    The same goes for decorating the background oneself. There are lots of techniques to home decorating that can create a luxury feel for your home if that’s the look you’re after. And most of these cost nothing more than a little paint and decorating materials – along with a good dose of elbow grease and your own creativity.

    Creating a luxury look without the price tag isn’t hard these days – nor is it forever. The key is in identifying the look you’re going for, and sticking rigorously to your design plan and colour scheme without compromise. Oh yes and one more thing; find a clever way of hiding or camouflaging the TV if you have to have one!




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