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  • MoneyShe – Step Up and Take Control of Your Financial Future

    MoneyShe.com, launched September 2014, is the first UK female focused wealth manager that is aimed at encouraging and empowering women to step up and take control of their financial futures. For us investing is more than about money, it is about – people, security, respect and dignity in old age – Saving for Your Older Self

    Whilst the best things in life are free, women need to become active investors to have long-term financial health, wellbeing and peace of mind.  MoneyShe offers women low cost access to high end wealth management in a design, tone and language that is dedicated to women – written and designed by women for women. Whilst research shows women communicate and learn in a different way and have different priorities, all investors, men and women, need access to investment solutions that aim to protect their money against inflation and grow it in a less risky, lower cost, better spread way in order to deliver consistent returns.   MoneyShe believes the art is to engage with women with tailored language and design that is bold and beautiful.

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    Visit Website: moneyshe.com

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