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    Some people say managing money is an art others a science, but we believe it is about the art of control.  Controlling and balancing what you can, rather than chasing a dream, may not be fashionable but we believe looking after people’s money is not about fashion but fundamentals. It is about planning, details, the materials we use and the skill and expertise of our senior team.

    SCM Direct is a new ‘State of the Art’ lifestyle-orientated online wealth manager which allows investors low cost access to high end wealth management.

    To date SCM is the only investment company that runs an open book and displays 100% of all costs in one total number in % and £.  It may be counter intuitive but in wealth management, the more you pay the worse the design and outcome.  SCM Direct charges are typically 2/3rds of the cost of many wealth managers at c.1.2 % per annum*  with NO performance fees, no adviser charges, no initial charges and no exit penalties

    (*Fees will vary according to the current selection of ETFs and current levels of trading activity, latest estimates shown in all monthly factsheets.)

    The investment strategy is built on solid foundations and combines the strengths from both active and passive management strategies in an Actively Passive approach that aims to get from tactical asset allocation to performance in the most efficient manner.

    Unlike other investment platforms and websites, SCM Direct is designed to cut through the financial jargon and complexity that is a feature of the personal finance industry, giving tailored information and a Cost Simulator, which is a global first in giving users the ability to see the total likely cost of investing and how they compare in pounds and pence.

    SCM Direct is a brand of SCM Private which was established in 2009 as an innovative investment company focused on putting clients’ best interests at the heart of all it does, especially stripping away layers of costs and inefficiencies and providing 100% transparency.

    Visit www.scmdirect.com and see why this award winning company, which is Smart, Contrarian and Modern, is leading the way in financial management innovation.

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