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    The right seating can really set off any space and adding a touch of class or a vintage feel to any room in your house couldn’t be an easier. The obvious choice is of course, a Chesterfield Sofa.

    These timeless pieces of furniture really are something extra special and with the correct hand-crafting maker, you can certainly put your own take on any piece.

    We take a look at some of the beautiful examples we have found over at Robinsons of England. All of the sofas are custom made giving you complete control of style, colour, size and finishing.

    The Wilmington

    This piece has been designed to extenuate classicism, sophistication and artistic simplicity – and that is does.


    The Peel Chair

    We prefer to call it the gentlemans chair – The sofa chair is described on the site as being a perfect blend of comfort, style and refined masculinity.

    IMAGE 3

    The Annabel Corner Chesterfield

    We just love this piece. It is a perfect example of how to modernise an already beautiful work of art. The Annabel is a modern twist on the Chesterfield design.



    This pretty much sums up the Chesterfield design for us. It is everything you expect a Chesterfield to be. After being fully restored, this example is very affordable and still retains it’s pre loved character.

    An Introduction to Robinsons of England

    With a showroom in Newcastle, London and a new concession recently opened in Harrods, the company really is showing itself as being the highest quality crafters in the business.

    Find out more about Robinsons of England.



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