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  • Hello Friends!

    Hellooo to all of you! Builders, property developers, homeowners and especially bungalow owners! I am your friend and housemate. My name is DARKNESS! I usually live with you in the middle of your house, but can also be found in offices, kitchens, bathrooms and study areas. Whilst I feel very comfortable in these sort of places, to be honest I am terrified about what is going on due to the behaviour of sun tunnels. Oh, yuck!

    These devices – which spread natural day light – often completely banish me and I have to move to another bungalow or house further afield. Such treatment is so ungrateful from homeowners that I have sometimes lived with for many years! My dear Friends, I like you so much! Don‘t eject me, please! I love to live in your places.

    Darkness is beautiful. Darkness, especially during the day, when you walk from shiny-lit rooms you always need to be careful and being careful – particularly for me – is very important. In dark corners my friend dirt can hide as well as some of my favourite small-legged creatures and creepy crawlies. It is a completely different world here to the illuminated rooms full of flowers and daylight. That is so yuck!

    Darkness is beautifully mysterious. You see one never knows who or what is waiting for you there! In a dark room everything appears so different. When you light things up with cheap artificial light you immediately have an ambient atmosphere everywhere. Just darkness and that’s it. You cannot substitute darkness with daylight!

    Now I will give you a few pieces of advice on how to keep me in your home.

    Save Money. Don’t spend out on sun tunnels. They bring daylight everywhere and where I normally live – expelling me from my home. No way! Better to buy some health pills than getting daylight.

    Do Not Let People Mislead You. If someone advises you to buy a sun tunnel, use your head and think! Show everyone that you can say No! and that you do not need any extra daylight for yourself or your family. After all there is plenty of daylight outside!

    Do Not Let Anyone Nose Around Your Home. When you have darkness once – don’t change it. You will get used to it over a few years. Just don’t worry. Although installing a sun tunnel is a turn-key installation and you do not have to take care about anything, with me you have nothing to worry about either!

    Postpone Buying A Sun tunnel For As Long As Possible. Always find something more important that you need to purchase. To buy a sun tunnel always takes plenty of time. And, while I will not dissapear, daylight is the last thing what your family needs.

    If You Do Buy, Buy The Cheapest One. Of course,if do not wish to listen my advice, at least purchase the cheapest sun tunnel going. But please not the one with a crystal glass dome!! This is the one that will last forever and a day and I will never come back to you. Ouch! So, buy something cheap that will not work and quickly deteriorates. In that way we will see each other again soon.

    And, at the end of the day it is critcal that you do not to call, email or write to Lightway Daylight. I know them so well. They will send a specialist out to you free of charge who will suggest a solution. As I know you, you are unlikely to resist the temptation of purchasing a useless sun tunnel. That will mean I will have to move home yet again! Think about me – DARKNESS. I like you so much and it is easy to get used to me. Live your life better with me than in an iluminated house!

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