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  • On designing Mesut Özil’s home: 28 Interior Design’s game changer

    Cansel Didar Okutur, founder of 28 Interior Design, kicked off 2017 by designing the London residence of Arsenal footballer, Mesut Özil. In a short seven months, 28 Interior Design changed the design game by creating a bespoke, luxurious, and simultaneously, harmonious space for Özil to call home.

    Instead of sourcing local furniture suppliers, brands, and products, Cansel exclusively designed and created almost all the contents and furniture for the residence including coordinating their arrival from Turkey. In fact, drawing upon Özil’s Turkish descent, Cansel created an entire room boasting royalty through a burgundy and gold color palette and framed paintings of Ottoman Sultans.

    Throughout the residence, Cansel used an extensive amount of bespoke marble. The bespoke marble harmonized the space while flowing into the next room – whether displayed on the walls, countertops, or even the floors. Cansel used the black and white bespoke marble as an opportunity to style and accent each room with decorative objects, art pieces and candles.

    Aligning with 28 Interior Design’s design ideology of form and function, the lighting in the dining room centered itself as both an art piece and a lighting fixture. Notably, Cansel custom-created the bronze contiguous circle lighting.

    Some luxuries in the home blatantly stand out. For example, Cansel gold-plated Özil’s logo, “M10”, on a wall near an entrance. Other luxuries remained discreet such as the carefully placed lighting illuminating the staircase and wardrobe.

    With respect to the lounge, Cansel created an open space with light and airy colors and a fireplace. The lounge features a textured Kelly Wearstler rug and a spectacular view of the lush green backyard to provide a retreat from the city. Another retreat from the city can be found in Özil’s custom home cinema and game room which Cansel equipped with the latest technology, a large cinema screen and surround sound system and multiple custom suede recliner and ottoman sets.

    Özil was delightful to work with and he expressed his love for his home designed by 28 Interior Design on his HYPEBEAST feature in which he takes his fans on a complete tour of his home.

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