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  • Goddard Gallery Launch – Classic Images for Interior Arts & Design

    “Moments in time from around the world.”

    The newly launched Goddard Gallery is designed to be a world leading photography brand delivering high quality photographic prints to interior designers, art curators and private buyers for wall art displays in homes, quality hotels and corporate offices.

    Steve Goddard’s work is only displayed on the Goddard Gallery website and forms the “Moments in time from around the world” collection. Until recently a private collection, this entire body of work displays the full range of Steve Goddard’s photography portfolio. Some of the Goddard images date back to the mid nineties and include 35mm slide format, which has now been digitised for public viewing for the first time in over 20 years.

    The Goddard portfolio has an extensive collection of candid people photography and many stunning landscapes and cityscape views from a wide range of countries.

    Goddard Gallery is also designed to serve ad agency art buyers who are looking for new and unique images of people captured in everyday life moments for their ad campaigns.

    A selection of coffee table photo art magazines and books featuring Goddard’s work is also available from the gallery website.

    Steve Goddard says, “The Goddard brand is aimed at both private buyers and interior designers who wish to purchase high quality photographs of people uniquely captured in moments in time for wall art displays. The images in the portfolio are candid moments of real life captured in real places with real smiles and moods from around the world.”

    “Vietnam is my favourite country overall to visit and photograph. The people are so friendly whether in rural villages or major cities where lots of traditional aspects of everyday life can be captured just by walking about whether you are in Sai Gon or Ha Noi, especially in its ‘Old Quarter’. My mountain and landscape photography in Viet Nam was done late last year and I was very fortunate to get the skies and sunlight in the early hours when travelling there with my Leica.

    “As a complete contrast the magical Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, United Kingdom is one of the world’s most iconic castles to see up close and is my favourite place in the U.K. to photograph. I highly recommend a visit there sometime so you can truly appreciate the dramatic setting of this historical castle.”

    With the Goddard Gallery’s photographic product range for interior designers, Steve Goddard adds, “The gallery photographs come in both paper prints, and wall art finishes that include canvas ranges, wood and thin wraps, while for the luxury end of the wall art buyer market the gallery has float mounted metal prints and acrylic metals finishes to suit a range of interior design styles and tastes.“

    Website: www.goddardgallery.com

    Email: sales@goddardgallery.com

    Tel:      + 44 7463 252572

    Instagram: @stevegoddardgallery

    Facebook: Goddard Gallery

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