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  • Luxury Furniture Shines in a Fenton Whelan Interior Wonderland

    A gorgeous penthouse apartment in Eaton Place Belgravia designed by London-based firm Fenton Whelan features exquisite luxury furniture and decor by KOKET

    One of the grandest streets in London’s, Eaton Place, is no stranger to the wonders of luxury. So, when Fenton Whelan took on a redesign they followed suit and created a luxurious interior wonderland—a perfect setting for the decor brand KOKET‘s seductive statement pieces to add their flare.

    The Penthouse at Eaton Place stretches across the top three floors of a two-building complex providing breathtaking views of central London. A perfect blend of contemporary and classical styles was input to reflect the character of the historic building while creating an unmatched level of luxury and sophistication. Each floor is thoughtfully designed with splashes of KOKET alongside other luxurious furniture to create a space as stunning on the inside as the view on the terrace.

    Upon first entering the third floor, the master suite along with two extra bedrooms are each touched with ambition and high-quality luxury furniture while maintaining a cozy feel.
    Walnut wardrobes and paneling, gorgeous marble, polished brass details, and champagne crystal accents beautifully adorn each room.

    On the fourth floor is the kitchen, living room, dining room, and an additional bedroom. Two emerald velvet KOKET Vamp Sofas add an extra touch of luxury by bringing a pop of color into the space. A bespoke feature wall with Daino Reale marble and sycamore veneer details serves as a beautiful focal point in this majestic living area. Throughout this floor, intimate wallpapers, antique accessories, and a variety of finishes with luxurious furnishings prove Fenton Whelan’s attention to detail pays off in the most stunning of ways.

    The fifth floor boasts an entertainment suite and sprawling terrace. Fenton Whelan thought of everything, from the underfloor heating up to the coffered ceilings with mood lighting.
    Sophisticated finishes delight, from dark stained black oak floors with antique bronze trim and American walnut doors with beveled bronze mirror inlay to glass pendant lights and a custom bar area. A masculine sofa is accented by the lovely luxurious KOKET Naomi Chair‘s feminine silhouette complimenting the rooms warm appeal.

    Fenton Whelan has sincerely outdone themselves, showcasing their talent for detail, the finest luxury furniture and top quality finished, with yet another project of pure prestige!


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