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  • PIUMATI: A new Murano Glass Table Lamps Collection


    Piumati introduces new Murano Glass table lamps to its range of prestigious decorative lighting solutions: Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Wall Sconces and Ceiling Lights.

    The new table lamp collection proposes six differently designed models that combine modern styles with the ancient Murano tradition, creating a bridge between Venetian history and contemporary Italian design.

    The distinctive value of PIUMATI handcrafted table lamps, is not only the excellence of their design and quality: the lamps are customizable in many different colors, lampshades and metal finishing, according to customers’ lighting project style.


    We are in Venice, on the Murano island. Every morning the twenty craftsmen of our furnace gather in front of the incandescent mouths of the ovens and plan the day’s production.

    The masters in the 4 work squares draw on stone blackboards the blown glass lighting fixtures they will give life to during an intense day of toil. In the meantime, our planners together with the designers trace the lines of the Chandeliers, Wall Sconces & Floor Lamps that make our production unique and exclusive.

    PIUMATI is our vision of how Murano Glass tradition should be expressed at its maximum. Piumati’s aim is to value the blown glass art, with the ultimate purpose to celebrate the uniqueness of our Venetian heritage and the Italian one as a result. 

    The brand PIUMATI owes its name to a historical type of Murano glass processing of the 17th century obtained by applying hot glass threads of another color around a blown glass that, combed up and down, take on an elegant feather pattern, from which derives the name of “piumati”, that means “feathered”.

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