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  • Cult x A TOKO for Sustainable Craftsmanship

    Cult is thrilled to announce its new collaboration with A TOKO, a boutique brand founded by Alex Whitton in 2023. The partnership showcases a sustainable initiative in supporting a small Eco-friendly business and supporting their reach in the furniture industry.

    A TOKO is inspired by Alex’s love for Indonesia, a lot of his influences and inspiration came from his partner Sara, who grew up in Jakarta and later in Bali. Her love for the culture proved to be highly infectious and combined with Alex’s love for mid-century modern furniture led to the creation of A TOKO. 

    A TOKO prides itself on utilising sustainably sourced materials and ensuring fair payment to all artisans involved in their production process. With Sara’s upbringing in Jakarta and Bali, the brand embraces Indonesia’s rich heritage while infusing it with a modern, mid century aesthetic.

    The partnership between Cult Furniture and A TOKO marks our journey towards promoting sustainable craftsmanship in the furniture industry. By highlighting the traditional skills and practices of Indonesian artisans, both companies aim to celebrate the history and relationship between the materials and the craft.

    “We are excited to join forces with A TOKO in our commitment to improving our sustainable practices, this partnership allows us to not only offer unique and ethically produced furniture to our customers but also to support the communities and artisans behind these beautiful creations.” said Roger, Product Director at Cult. 

    As Cult prepares to launch a sustainability campaign this March, the collaboration with A TOKO exemplifies our support to promoting environmentally conscious practices within the furniture industry. Together, we aim to inspire consumers to make more sustainable choices while celebrating the artistry and heritage of Indonesian craftsmanship.

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