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    A private residence of around 800 square meters. This property contains four bedrooms, a living room, dining room, lounge, study, beauty salon, and gym and is located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia.

    The confident combination of themes, materials, and textures results in a subtle glitz. In a mixture of paradoxes, modern forms are contrasted with classic furnishings. Vibrant pops of color, both deep and dazzling, are strewn throughout the house. Covet House’s pieces were essential in creating this exquisite, lux look.


    The exclusive clubhouse is meant to amaze, with all of its glitz and gloss. It features a bright atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, dominated by black and gray tones and accentuated with gold tones and contemporary furnishings. It is ideal for organizing exclusive parties and game evenings with family and friends, as it is divided into two spaces, a bar and a living room.

    With high-quality goods like the Kelly Bar Chairs, inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece, a staple item and incontestable symbol of the Essential Home brand, this luxury design does not skimp on comfort and elegance.


    The confidence, the materials, the blend of textures with vivid hues, and the deep sparkles scattered throughout the items make this private residence the envy of any luxury hotel. The quality and attractiveness of the goods used in a project are key factors to consider when creating a design of this proportions. The entrance embraces two iconic pieces from Brabbu, the Andes armchair, a mid-century modern furniture item that pays tribute to the people native of the Andes Mountains. The soft upholstery is matched in with Koi Side Table, with a base in brushed aged brass and a top in marble, this round side table adds a refined elegance and modern touch to this more classic interior design.

    The living room exemplifies all that is wonderful about quirkiness, beginning with the golden tones found in the lovely table and amazing lamp. The organically shaped Eden Gold Center Table from Boca do Lobo is the center stage of this room. This table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of the living room.

    Combined with the light tones of the sofas and cupboards to provide the warmth and cosiness that we all need in a living room. The dining room is notable for the exquisite pink velvets utilized in the seats, the polished silver cabinets, and the stunning crystal lamp that embodies the project’s grandeur. 

    Moving on to the bedroom, we can see that good taste is still at the forefront of the project, despite the fact that this is a much more private space where the tranquility of neutral tones is essential for relaxation. The bedrooms have a touch of sophistication in the combination of diverse materials, the huge ceiling light, and the high curtains that complement the large windows, never forgetting the splendor.

    COVET HOUSE keeps up with the latest inspirations with BOCA DO LOBO, DELIGHTFULL, BRABBU, KOKET, MAISON VALENTINA, CIRCU, LUXXU, ESSENTIAL HOME, RUG’SOCIETY, PULLCAST, FOOGO, and CAFFE LATTE. Inspiring and creating new trends.


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