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  • Francesco Calvidini Collezione

    Francesco Calvidini Collezione is an exclusive manufacturer of the world’s finest bedlinen.

    Calvidini bedlinen is used in prestige homes and hotels around the world.

    All the fabrics are carefully constructed, woven and finished in Italy’s main textile manufacturing zone, followed by traditional hand sewing techniques, after which  we have a rigorous checking programme.

    The amazing Calvidini fabrics are made from the highest quality long staple Egyptian cotton which is spun, woven, dyed and finished in Italy, a location which is unique as a production base being the only place in the world that can achieve such incredibly superior standards.

    All the products offered in the range are designed in house and are exclusive to Francesco Calvidini Collezione.  We are expert at interpreting and individually creating any design our clients can imagine, with complete flexibility on sizing, for example to suit extra large beds or unusual shaped beds on yachts.   All bedlinen can also be coordinated with quilted bedspreads and throws and embellished with custom created embroidery.  In addition our rigorous inspection procedures ensure exacting hemming quality.

    Moreover there are fabric counts from 300 threads per sq. inch right through to 1400 threads p.s.i. To create high thread counts we use much finer yarns, which need very sophisticated machinery to produce. These produce remarkable results not available from other manufacturers in any part of the world.

    We then have exclusive finishing techniques which create bedlinen with an exceptional handle.  Calvidini are dedicated to this production of very high quality bedlinen with an extra touch for a unique sleeping experience.

    In addition, these processes ensure that washing is easy and especially the ironing is much faster than normal fabric.

    It is important to stress that high thread count should not be the only barometer for specifying  bedlinen. Thread count on its own does not convey many of the factors that comprise the end product. How the cotton is treated is a much more decisive factor and Calvidini are the premium manufacturer for top end results.

    Contact us for more information at our UK sales office  +44 20 82 24 52 52

    Francesco Calvidini Collezione

    Bergamo, Italy


    Email: showroom@calvidini.com

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