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    “I wanted to explore a more varied range of metals, creating modern forms and shapes using traditional methods.”

    Atkinson-art : Handmade Wrought Ironwork, Luxury Metal Art and Jewellery – Forged Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Titanium – other metals worked include Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steels, Carbon Steels – handmade by Charles Atkinson in Cornwall, England.

    As a designer and craftsman working from my traditional workshop – ‘’ a sort of Heaven on Earth ‘’ I combine traditional blacksmithing and metalworking techniques, some of which push the metals involved to their limit.’’

    Energy and spirit, ingredients to life, are put into otherwise inanimate pieces of metal – breathe life into Steel – the pure Silver finish to the Serpents allows movement and promotes their chameleon uncertainty by blending and taking on their surroundings through reflection.

    Perhaps the energy and spirit is already there and it’s a case of unlocking it, releasing it, realising its potential, letting it flow, begin to be sculpted, changed, form an identity, a persona.

    From his workshop set within the ancient lands of Bodmin Moor Charles Atkinson has refined and combined traditional blacksmithing and metalworking methods, some that break convention. Using a combination of metals and techniques he creates extraordinary Luxury Metal Art and exquisite Jewellery.

    Design, Make, Manage, Metal Art of any scale, in any metal – for bespoke projects of any scale in any metal or to discuss your metalwork requirements please correspond: info@atkinson-art.co.uk


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