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  • Imagine a work of Art on the wall instead of an ugly radiator

    Livingstone Designer radiators are exactly that, beautiful works of art made from living stone, but made from a previously discarded waste product, into a stone radiant heat radiator in twenty-four different colours, that hangs on the wall right above the sofa, and provides you with perfect heating.
    There is no need to use valuable wall space, so arrange the furniture as you wish, and hang your designer radiators ABOVE the height of your furniture, to become pieces of art…You can choose to have any picture printed onto it, giving you any famous Old Master to be admired every day Prices start From £499 – Livingstoneheating.co.uk  Livingstone Creative Heating UK

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    Livingstone Creative Heating UK
    Phone: 0845 163 0055
    E: info@livingstoneheating.co.uk

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