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  • COMPAC’s quartz worksurface- the trendsetter

    TREND is an innovative technological quartz worksurface and flooring collection from COMPAC involving a new design approach – adding magic and alchemy to create a totally unique collection – warm and friendly, where simplicity and purity are its hallmarks.

    The TREND collection, COMPAC believe, is ecologically superior in its manufacture and composition to any other quartz worksurface or quartz flooring on the market and has been designed for healthy living – where colour and texture contribute to an equilibrate feeling.

    COMPAC’s renowned engineering skills have achieved a virtually zero porosity surface without the need for antibacterial chemicals, to deliver a completely healthy and easy to maintain worksurface or floor.

    TREND 1 ADTREND sets the trend by offering a collection of four beautiful and timeless cool grey colours – Cool Grey, Dim Grey, Warm Grey and Smoke Grey, tailored to the tastes of the discerning client where colour is not only a state of mind but more of a lifestyle.

    TREND from COMPAC can be used for a wide range of commercial, leisure and consumer applications, for worksurfaces, floors and wall.

    TREND is becoming one of the most sought after quartz worksurfaces in the UK, to find out more about the COMPAC range of quartz and technological marble worksurfaces take a look at the COMPAC website or see us on Facebook.

    COMPAC is part of the RIBA Network


    Email: London.@compac.es


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