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    New-Delhi based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has collaborated with luxury Indian design brand Scarlet Splendour to create this whimsical 9000 sqft New Delhi apartment, which is an ode to a fairytale-like fantasy land. Taking inspiration from the client’s happiest memories and wishes, Sanjyt Syngh dreamt up a magical wonderland whilst keeping four elements in mind: bright pops of colour, timelessness, quirkiness and the owner’s happiest moment to-date, when her now-husband proposed to her at the iconic Tiffany & Co. Scarlet Splendour’s dreamlike pieces were the perfect choice to turn this fantastical vision into a reality.

    The aim of this project was to create a magical narrative throughout the home, replacing ‘Alice’ with ‘Epiphany Blue’ in Wonderland, using each room as a different chapter in the story. Syngh intentionally chose to use the word “Epiphany” in the project’s name as it is synonymous with creation and a never-ending process of evolving. With this in mind, Syngh chose Scarlet Splendour’s avant-garde, luxurious pieces to embellish the apartment as they complement the otherworldly feel Syngh was striving for throughout the design process.

    Scarlet Splendour’s unique, colourful pieces add a touch of glamour throughout the home, whilst adhering to the ‘Wonderland’ narrative that Syngh strives for. The pieces ooze character and charm, therefore each one with its own intricate history was the perfect choice to complement the ethereal design aesthetics of the apartment.

    The sitting room at the entrance of the home is bathed in a stunning Robin Egg Blue, setting the tone for the rest of the adventure that awaits. This specific design choice was an homage to the owner’s proposal at Tiffany & Co, evoking the iconic Tiffany blue.

    The following room is the where the narrative truly begins, Elie the Elephant is there to welcome wandering souls, inviting them down the rabbit hole. For Syngh, Scarlet Splendour’s products were the perfect choice for this particular design concept. A selection of items from the Forest Collection, done in collaboration with Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba add a touch of fantasy and magic to the feel of the room.

    The staircase, inspired by the work of Oh De Laval, leads to the next chapter of the story: the journey down the rabbit hole. Based on the wonders of a fictitious world featuring lively characters, this fantasyland is brought to life through the wondrous Tree Cabinet by Scarlet Splendour.

    The living room boasts an extraordinary blend of both the real and the imagined, personifying the transition from reality to fantasy, with the grand spiral staircase symbolizing the journey down the rabbit hole. The fantasyland is enhanced with the Paw Stool and Tree Cabinet by Scarlet Splendour, adding to the mythical and mysterious aura of the room.

    The dining room provides the perfect backdrop for a dazzling dinner in wonderland. Gather with friends and family around the Forest Dining Table by Scarlet Splendour, plunge into the realm of the imaginary with masks by Lladro, and breathe in the most delectable aromas with the Monster Ball incense burner by Haas Brothers.

    Last, but most certainly not least, the story concludes with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. One of English literature’s most iconic scenes is brought to life with the Cheer Bedside Table and the Joy Side Table from Scarlet Splendour’s Fools’ Gold collection, adding a touch of luxury and opulence to conclude with a fairytale ending.
    And they all lived… happily ever after.


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