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    CrestJMT Leather have been working tirelessly throughout 2013 to develop a new range of leathers, which not only have characteristics of previous leathers, but have their own charm. CrestJMT understand the constraints in the leather industry and have combated this by investing in Brazilian hides as an alternative to European articles. South American hides, which are not used as often as European hides have an enormous cost advantage and are now considered a worthy alternative for many upholstery manufacturers.

    Highly skilled finishing technicians at the CrestJMT tannery in Vestenanova in Italy have developed and enhanced the finishing process for these hides and the standard is now ‘like for like’ with European leathers.

    To this end CrestJMT have added 3 completely new ranges; Stella, Bronx and, Hemmingway using a Brazilian hide.

    Stella has been designed with a subtle natural grain, which has been slightly buffed and finished off with a waxy coat to enhance its beautiful colour. It is available in eight colours.

    Bronx, also available in eight colours, holds a heavyweight natural grain, which is slightly buffed to give a waxy finishing coat. This production offers excellent light fastness, stain-resistance and has outstanding durability.

    Hemmingway has been designed as a natural grain semi-aniline finished hide, slightly buffed and milled to ensure a luxurious finish. The elegant, muted colour palette comes in a range of 20 different colours – each specifically produced to enhance any design without overpowering the look.


    About CrestJMT Leather

    CrestJMT Leather delivers the largest and most comprehensive upholstery leather collection available in the UK.


    CrestJMT Leather is a global producer of high quality leathers for all contract and domestic upholstery applications. We own and operate our own tannery in Vestenanova, Italy, Brazil and Thailand and this allows us to ensure strict quality control at all stages of production, whilst utilising local and traditional skills, to ensure our leathers meet the most demanding of requirements.


    All of our leathers conform to important industry standards and specifically to the European ISO 9001 standard, for use in all domestic, industrial, marine, automotive and aviation environments.

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