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  • Busting the beige myth

    It’s time for some myth busting! We’ve all heard someone say that beige is boring, well PORCELANOSA say it’s misunderstood and can actually be key to unlocking your creative juice. Having beige large surfaces, like the floors and walls, in your home provide the perfect neutral background for you to then express yourself through your furniture, finishings and belongings.

    You can achieve an elegant and luxurious look by combining beige wall tiles, like PORCELANOSA Indic Gris Gloss, with a variety of neutral shades and textures through your furniture. GAMADECOR, part of the PORCELANOSA Group, creates lavish furniture to help create this look.

    Using nature as inspiration, pairing a light-toned wood effect floor, like STARWOOD Tanzania or Minnesota, with a similarly light wall colour can bring a warmth to your living room or dining room. Wall tiles such as Bottega Caliza can add to the texture of the room.

    You could even reverse this look in your bathroom, with wood effect walls and beige floor tiles creating a rustic experience and reimagining your bathroom as your very own spa at home.

    One of the greatest things about having beige floors and walls providing a neutral background is that it allows for change. Whether you want a pop of colour during the summer months, or warmer tones during the winter months, beige floors and walls will accommodate. They add longevity to your home.

    Have a look through our collection of beige floor and wall tiles and create a stunning neutral background for your home. We also have anti-slip tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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