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    We are a small artisanal producer of hand made ceramic wall tiles situated near Dinan in Brittany.  Our approach is different to most makers in that we glaze using natural metal oxides rather than synthetic colourants.  This means our range of colours is not enormous, but then size isn’t everything.  Our range is truly unique.  All our tiles are hand made by us in Brittany.  This seems such a simple, honest claim to make, but in a world where the meaning of words is so often stretched to the limit, we feel we should point out that we mean it in exactly the way you would want us to mean it.

    We begin with some terracotta clay and a rolling pin and finish by hand-dipping the tile in a bowl of glaze – and all the hands we use are ours.  Scroll down if you want to see the processes we go through.Creating tiles in this way is a slow process and we produce just 8 square metres a week.  This can sometimes mean a bit of a wait (see the info page for current lead times), but then it’s also a guarantee of a certain amount of exclusivity – you’re quite unlikely to come across anybody else with our tiles.

    Being small does have it’s advantages though.  As you will see elsewhere on this website, we are strong believers that colours are for mixing and our size means we have no problem supplying whatever selection your imagination can come up with.  If you want 50 tiles in 10 different colours, we’re more than happy to oblige.  Being small also means we can provide a more personal service if required.

    Obviously, you can order samples before you choose your colours, but we can also lay out your design and advise if the final effect is not as expected and even email photos.  We don’t think buying tiles is something that generally suits an add-to-basket type of approach but it’s your choice.  All our prices are available on the info page so if you simply want to email your order, we’ll be just as happy.



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